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The owner and chef at Forth Worth’s premier restaurant bearing his name shares his favorite Tex-Mex dishes for parties and family gatherings.

Holding back no secrets, Bonnell gives easy-to-follow directions on how to make Tex-Mex essentials like tortillas, salsas galore, guacamole and tamales. His recipes for family-style fiestas, Fort Worth fancy foods, seafood, and wild game are sure to please any size crowd. Fabulous ideas for tailgate parties will let you host with ease while making your tailgate the hottest one at the game. And then wind down any party with a variety of liquor-infused desserts or Sweet Biscuits with Cactus Jelly.

There’s nothing intimidating about cooking with Chef Jon. From Texas-style ribs and potatoes to southwestern twists on fish, fresh veggie salads, and sweets, you’ll be whipping up delicious meals for your family and friends―in the kitchen and on the barbecue!

“While his first book, Fine Texas Cuisine, focused on the fine dining fare that has made Bonnell's one of Zagat’s highest-rated restaurants, the former science teacher provides less complex recipes for the home cook in his second book. We love the entire chapter dedicated to tailgating Texas-style (and already are planning to use it for Texas Rangers games).”—Fort Worth Star-Telegram

Jon Bonnell's Texas Favorites

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